Bridges provide a way to connect one side to another and overcome gaps that would otherwise make it difficult to continue along a smooth journey. Literally, “bridge the gap” means to function as a bridge and connect two points. Here at James River Wealth Advisors, we aim to “bridge the gap” with our valued clients and professional partners through timely and relevant news, insights and commentary from our team. Check back here often to learn in real-time more about how we are helping clients preserve and manage their wealth, or just check in to see what all we’ve been up to!

Following Market Trends: without losing a good night’s sleep

As a corporate publicity agent, Stephanie Rowland (fictitious person) earns a good salary and invests in equities. She believes good investments should climb rapidly. When a friend brags about a stock that’s going through the roof, Stephanie can’t sleep at night, worried she’s missing out.

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Autism Grandparent Learning Curve

John Bryan is a grandparent whose granddaughter Angelina has autism. When we connected and I asked him to be a guest blogger on Bridging the Gap, he was all in. The post below is very specific to his experience of learning that his granddaughter had autism, but I found that if you simply take out the word autism, and replace it with “disability” that the feelings and process that he describes were universally applicable.

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Understanding Caregiver Stress

Caregiver stress is a concept easily understood by most people. Many of us have been a caregiver to children, an elderly parent, or perhaps someone with a serious health condition or exceptional need. When we are taking care of someone, we devote long hours and energy to ensuring their health and comfort during a time of need.

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Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2020, From The Desk of Kristin Carleton

Inflation, in its simplest definition, is an overall increase in prices and a decrease in the purchasing power of money. If any of you have gone to the grocery store lately and bought a box of cereal, I’m sure you’ve noticed there seems to be a lot less cereal in there for the $5 you spend. That’s inflation at work.

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Market Commentary

Yesterday the market suffered its worst drop since Black Monday in October 1987. Trading volume was high as signs of panic selling appeared. While we have a difficult six weeks or so ahead, it is a passing event.

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Reassurance on Market Volatility and Coronavirus Uncertainty

The market volatility and Coronavirus uncertainty continue to persist with a direct impact on our daily lives. Be assured, your James River Wealth Advisors team is constantly monitoring how the Coronavirus is affecting the financial markets, your investments, and the health and safety of our clients and our employees.

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